Site Updates and Club News


5th of August 2016

Added Multiple gallery entries from Mark Medwell to the Articles page.

20th of February 2016

Added Club pics from the last meeting of 2015. It was also the meeting where people go their secret santa kits.

19th of February 2016

Added new page to the Cosford Museum page. This time it's the Saunders and Roe SR53 mixed propulsion fighter.

31st of January 2016

Added new page to the Cosford Museum page. This time it's a Gloster Meteor F8 with a prone pilot postion.

24th of January 2016

Added two new pages to the Cosford Museum page. Galleries added are 50 images of the Shorts Belfast and 9 images of a Hawker Hart.

21st of January 2016

Added a new Auto gallery page for a new contributor Keith Thompson. Keith shared pics of his 1/24th scale Tamiya Fiat Abarth.

8th of January 2016

New Year and new updates. Well since we have been on Facebook I have kinda forgot to update this page when I update the website. So much has been added over the last couple of months that it will be quite a list. I have added about 10 pages of Telford 2015 model show to a new model shows page in the gallery. The reference gallery is being updated with photos of the Cosford RAF museum and I have added updates to the gallery page.So many other things it would be easier if you just browsed around.