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Visit some of our favourite sites for more modelling inspiration and information. If you are interested in where to buy models and modelling supplies click on the suppliers link

Scale Model Index

Seriously this is the links page to end all links pages. If you can't find what your looking for amoung the 3000 odd sites this site has access to then nobody can help you.

General Modelling

Military Modelling

Website for the popular magazine. Lots of useful info

Scalemates modelling database

A very usefull online modelling database site where you can create a database of your complete stash. It also has new kit news and a social media componenet to enable modellers to interct.

Shin Tokyo

Adelaides one stop shop for everything Anime and Japanese culture. If you build Gundam, Armoured Core or other anime inspired Sci-Fi subjects, or you want to pick up some anime DVD's or other merchandise, then this is the place. Become a member and you get a discount on your purchases.

Modelling Madness

A huge mixed modelling site. The kit review index is worth a visit alone.


An excellent site for air and military modelling. Articles, reviews, gallery, reference section and lively discussion boards make this a good place to visit.

Aussie Modeller

As the name suggests, a general modelling website with a distinct Aussie Flavour.

Internet Modeler

A good webzine worth checking out. Like a print mag it has a monthly edition and covers all genres of models.


Museum Planes

The website collects high quality pictures of planes in different museums for you to enjoy.

Props Jets and Rotors

An SA based website dedicated to Aircraft modelling. Also sponsors the Props Jets and Rotors Modelling competition.

Aircraft Resource Centre

An aircraft modelling site well worth checking out.

Large Scale Planes

Dedicated to 1/32 aircraft.

Wingnut Wings

Great site detailing thier fantastic range of 1/32 scale WWI aircraft.

Woodson Aircraft Models

A truely amazing aircraft modelling site. It details the history and work of the company which built large scale aircraft models for the aviation industry, airlines and movies



Clear your weekend as this site is comprehensive to say the least!


Great armour site for how to articles and build ups. The gallery section is also worth checking out.

ARC Armour

This is the Armour focused sister site to Aircraft Resource Centre.


Grand Prix Models

Website for the publisher of 'Four Small Wheels', a magazine from the UK mainly dealing with and about 1/43 models of all descriptions.

Auto Modelling

Greatest model car related site on the planet. Check it out and judge for yourself.

Grand Prix Modelers association

For F1 and other competition racing models

Grand Prix Modeling

A Japanese website of GP models, some amazing stuff, Japanese text.


Model Warships

If your a ship modeller then you will waste a few hours here.

Steel Navy
Lots of reveiws, reference pictures and how to articles. Very comprehensive site for modelling ships.

Model Shipwrights

Another website with a very busy front page but so much information on this site you will be sure to spend hours here.


Amazing Figure Modeler

The title really says it all

Cool Mini Or Not

While mainly catering for gaming minitures anybody into figure modelling will be awed and inspired by some of the work here

Plastic Soldier Review

1/72 plastic figures site. Very comprehensive.


Orbital Drydock

Building those large scale starship Enterprises from Polar Lights? Then this online shop is for you. They have painting masks light strips and paint amongst other things.
Starship Modeler

A good site for sci-fi and real space modellers.

Mashinen Kruger

If you are into MAK or SF3D this is the site to check out. Has a good forum as well.