The Heller 1/12 LIGIER JS11

By Alan Thorpe

It's the only ball game in town so I guess were stuck with the it! Yup, its bad sorry to say, and I hope I haven't put too many off from building it, but you should have at least started the thing by now, it's been around for ever. Still hope springs eternal and after a few long sessions figuring out what to do to make it half acceptable it's a reasonable model in the end. Well as good as I can get it.This is not a blow by blow of the total build, you're all big boys now so I don't need to hold your hand all the way, just an overview of what I tried to do to bring a bad kit up to scratch, pardon the pun. This is what's in the box:

I feel the major problem with the kit are the tyres, they are totally unusable and this fact alone would warrant throwing the whole pile into the bin. But all is not lost. Read the Heller Ligier JS11 and Renault RE20/23 Tyre Fix article for my solution on the tyre fix. It may be of use to some of you. The other glaring problems/omissions are as follows, along with my go at a fix.

One of the other most glaring faults lies with the injection system. Not having an engine cover as such the injector system is in your face and really needs a make over. The best thing I came up with after consulting with fellow modellers over the net, was to resin copy the whole injector system from a Tamiya 1/12 WOLF. This seems to be the best way out I feel. Once again Pete Murrie came to the rescue and I had him copy all the bits from my Wolf kit. Lucky I hadn't built the Tamiya kit yet. If this method is beyond your scope or capabilities, well I guess you'll have to come up with something else, or build it "as is". That's life!

There are now only some minor oddities to contend with; the roll-over bar or lack of, I just glued small blocks of plastic to the fuel tank to act as a mount for a scratch built roll bar; the seat has no 'back' to it, if you have the kit you will know what I mean. It sort of just sits there gaping so it needs substantial filling, good old Milliput to the rescue, lots of if you please.

Next is the total lack of brake/clutch master cylinders, I just scrounged some from a dead P34 Tyrrell I had lying around, quick fix that one. Add seat belts and you are pretty much on your way to a half decent model. The only other 'extra' I did was to use stencils to spray 'Goodyear' onto clear decal film and then use as a regular decal onto the tyre wall, front and rears. Looks much nicer than the painted look. Please check out the photos below, and good luck with your build.