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Browse our aircraft gallery for models that our members have built, or read some of the articles that our members have written.

Alan Thorpe's Aircraft Gallery

Mark Powley's Aircraft Gallery

Derek Sommer's Aircraft Gallery

Stuart Beatson's Aircraft Gallery

Clive Paling's Aircraft Gallery

Sean Morgan's Aircraft Gallery

Steve Portelli's Aircraft Gallery

Steve Portelli's Air War for Malta Gallery

David Couche's Aircraft Gallery

Danny Warren's Aircraft Gallery

Paulo Castro's Aircraft Gallery

Arthur Withy's Aircraft Gallery

Aircraft Articles and Reference Galleries

Gallery of aircraft at the City of Norwich Aviation museum

Gallery of aircraft at the Cosford RAF museum

Walk around photo's of the Albatros D.Va at the Australian War Memorial

Walk around photo's of a still flying B-17G

Vulcan Display at Yeovilton kindly supplied by Ian Waudby

Port Adelaide Aircraft Museum gallery

An extensive build article of Airfix P40 in 1/72 scale, provided by Paulo Castro.

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Photo's from the RAAF 100th Anniversary airshow, kindly provided by Stephen Portelli.

Wartime photo's of Australian P-40's from 75 Squadron in the South Pacific.

Video which shows the manufacturing process of Australian Mosquito's during the war. Good reference for someone building an Aussie Mozzi

Steve Portelli Builds the 1/48th scale Pro-Modeller ME-410

David Couche builds the Classic Airframes Baltimore

Brad Cancian shows us how to achieve a clear varnished plywood effect on WW1 aircraft

Steve Portelli Builds the 1/48th Trumpeter Wellington

Stuart Beatson Builds the 1/72 BV193.01 from Planet models

Mark Powley Builds the 1/72 Rotodyne from Airfix models

If you have the Montex or the Special Hobby Boomerang then you might find these reference photo's taken by Mark Powley useful

How to paint the P61 Black Widow